Sponsor Advantages


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• Active marketing at each event allows us to cross-sell your products to all types of adventure and outdoor enthusiasts.

• We demonstrate your products in person showing materials, quality and usability.

• Exposure of these products to targeted buyers at each event we attend.

• Your company’s logo on our vehicle as a mobile billboard.

• Overview of your product on our website with link to your company website.

• Print advertising/brochures of your products to hand-out (optional).

• Professional video featuring your product; an easy and cost-effective way to extend your marketing reach worldwide. (See Sponsor videos here.)


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What We Need From You

• Your company logo (in decal format) to adhere to our Sportsmobile adventure vehicle. (See below for details).
• Product samples you would like us to represent.
• Advertising merchandise to hand-out (hats/t-shirts/decals).
• Brochure/catalogue of your company’s products (optional).

Sponsor Logo pricing

Call for pricing on Sportsmobile: 1-860-460-0072

Please submit your logo as a High Resolution (300 dpi - TIFF, EPS, JPEG or PDF).

• Standard Decal 45 sq inches.
• Large Decal 67 sq inches.
• XTREME Decal 90 sq inches.
Please advise as to which section you would like your logo placed when calling us (Sections: A, B, C or D, see images below).
A, B, C, Sections noted above are same space availability on opposite side of vehicle (note: lower right photo).
50% OFF additional decal on opposite side of the Sportsmobile!

For more information, please call or text Carl Reidemeister at 860-460-0072.

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